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We Are Dedicated To Building A Platform And Foundation For Funding Hopes and Dreams For People Throughout The World.
Inspiring The Spirit Of Giving And Creating A Contagion Of Contribution Through ” The Art Of Noble Giving ”.
To Empower, Benefit, And Bless People Around The World, With And Through, The Spirit Of Giving And Contribution.
Waszupp Charity Foundation is the brain child of our Chairman/CEO Ash H Sahib. It was founded to help the needy and downtrodden from all over the world. Waszupp Charity foundation is managed by our esteemed advisory council directors.
The Vision of Mr. Ash H Sahib is to generate 3 BILLION USD through our foundation & donate it to worthy causes from around the world.
WaszUppGlobal is in prelaunching and we have the privilege to take up positions.
Waszupp has the most generous Compensation Plan in the Network Marketing Industry.
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You are supposed to invest only  98.88$ once, and the payment is made with Bitcoin.
When signing up, the payment is made so there are no empty places in the system.
So now is the time to sign up and share your knowledge.
Enrollment link: (Sponsor ID mybestdeal4you).
Upon signing up, make sure the name of the sponsor appears at the top of  the form.
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